Communication Report

For my hallo project I have chosen to use the communication method of Video. I feel as if this is the best type of method I can use because it can use audio and video at the same time. I am able to use the audio of people saying hello and use the visuals of them saying hello to help portray my idea and meaning. If I was to use radio I would not be able to use have the video and this would take away a lot of the meaning because you don’t see who is saying hello and where they are. Also in this project the only dialogue you can use is the word ‘hello’ and if I used radio all it would be is someone saying hello and you wouldn’t understand why.  I also do not think print would be a good method to use because you wouldn’t be able to have the audio of someone saying ‘hello’ and it would just be a picture and you wouldn’t understand the story as much.


Locations I will be using –

  • The onion in Broadstairs
  • Different locations in my friends house: the garden, the kitchen, bedroom
  • Out side my friends campervan
  • Asda car park

Equipment I will be using –

  • Cannon 600D camera
  • Tripod
  • Clapper board

Each location will have a different person there, but every person will be in the same sort of position, a mid shot of them saying hello. I will also be filming them performing an activity.

So when I film Billy he will be flipping a pancake, as we are already filming in a kitchen we will be able to use things in it. We will make the pancake batter before filming. Also with filing Fraser out side his caravan, I am going to have him drinking a hot drink from his favourite mug, and we will make the hot drink before filming. I will be filming Ethan in a ASDA car park, I will film it after the shop closes so there wont be many people around, but it will be dark because the shop closes at 10pm so I will have to use some lights. I will try and use a 3 point lighting system, have two lights on each side of the camera, to do this I will have to make sure I have another person to help operate the lights.

Evaluation of research

I felt my research was helpful because it helped me because it gave me an idea of what I need to do before doing more complicated shots. With filming Ethan at the ASDA car we found a spot where the was some light coming from the shop windows so we used that as lighting and I had two people each side of the camera using phone flashes as lighting, because I was not able to get actual led lights. I also felt that my research helped me be more organised in the scenes where I had to prepare things in advance.

Production Diary

Sunday – I went back to Arthur and Billy’s and met Alice there. Then filmed Alice saying hello and stroking Arthur and Billy’s dog Myrtle. I had Arthur and Emily to help with lighting. I did not have a tripod at this time so that is why the footage is slightly unstable but that was the only problem.

Monday – I went to college to collect my equipment and then went to Arthur and Billy’s house and filmed him out side in his back garden saying hello and smoking a cigarette, Emily helped me doing the clapper board. All the filming went well.

Tuesday – In the evening I travelled to ASDA with Ethan, Arthur and Billy, to film Ethan’s part. We waited till ASDA was closed and then I chose the spot I wanted to film in. Then I filmed Ethan saying hello and skating round a bit. I had Arthur and Billy to help me with the lighting. Most of the filming went well except for the first couple of takes because Ethan kept adding in other words other than hello.

Wednesday – I got to Arthur and Billy’s house and we made the pancake batter before filming and he practiced flipping. Then I filmed him saying hello, flipping a pancake and eating a pancake. All this filming went well except for some shots being out of focus.

Thursday – I travelled to the onion and filmed Emily there saying hello and dancing around. Filming for this was quick and didn’t take long, only problem we had was that it is a public place and we had to stop filing some times because of the public walking past. Then I went to Frasers house and we made the hot drink he would be using when filming and then filmed him standing out side his camper van saying hello and drinking his drink, the filming for this was also quite quick, one problem we did have though is because it was filmed outside there was noises of birds in the back ground.

Peer reviews

Arthur: I think that you did a very good job with how professional you tried to make the filming, with all the lighting and specific positioning of us all and whatnot, and I liked how you got us all to do something that was linked to us, like I smoked, billy made pancakes etc.

Billy: It was better than I thought it was going to be but you need how to focus a camera because you always seem to get that bit wrong. I like the way you edited it and the song choice, and I like the bit where you had the video of me eating the pancake and stopped the music.

Ethan: I thought it was than expected, the editing was pretty good and I liked how I was edited. One thing I didn’t like was how the order of people saying hello wasn’t the same order as the second part of people just doing stuff.

Critical Perspective Report

In my hallo project I focused a lot on Mise-en-scene and Semiology. Mise-en-scene being everything that is the scene, so the location and background, the arrangement of props and where people are standing in the scene.  And Semiology being the study of meaning, and what things mean, and things being decoded by the reader.

In my hallo project I focused on mise-en-scene because all the shots are in different locations with different things in them, and the actors are all different. These locations all contain different things. The shot of billy in the kitchen there is of food and kitchen utensils showing that it is a kitchen, and this shot of Emily at the onion dancing around, you can see grass, bush, a bench and a pathway, showing that the scene is out side, and you can see the onion sculpture around her showing she is the onion.

I also looked at semiology within my hallo project. At the start I have ‘Hello friend’ on the screen showing the person watching it that this project must be about friends. Then I have 6 different people saying hello, like they are saying hello to someone. Then I have them all doing something that relates to them as a person. Fraser drinks a lot of hot drinks,  so I had him sipping a hot drink, billy always makes pancakes for breakfast so I had him flipping a pancakes and eating one. It shows the audience what kind of people they all are how they are all different.

Contextuality Report

When we first got told about the project we had to and the brief for the project I automatically thought of my friends. They are a big part of my life and I thought they would be really good for this project. I thought that simply showing them as the people they are would be the best way to show them.

One things that effected my project was my lack of time. I had just over a week to film but if I had longer I would have been able to have more of my friends in my production. Some of my friends were not able to fit in to my time table and that’s why I was not able to put them into my production,  and I would have probably made my production longer and have my friends doing more activities.

As I am a college student a budget was something I didn’t really have. If I had a big budget I could have had them in lots of different locations not just in the towns that we live in. I could have used better more expensive equipment, and had more people to help me with the production.

My Hallo Project



My hallo project is about my friends, and showing how different they all are. In the production I have 6 of my closest friends and they all say hello at the start then I have different shots of them doing actives that I felt showed them well for who they are, and how different they all are.


  • I like the music I used because it is about friendship
  • The editing went better than expected
  • I felt it showed all my friends well
  • It was fun to make
  • Showed different shot types


  • Some shots were out of focus
  • Could have used a microphone
  • There is background noise in some of the shots
  • Could have had more of my friends in it and made it longer
  • A couple of the shots were shaky because I didn’t have a tripod

I managed to do most of what I put in my proposal and concept. I described in my concept how I wanted to have them saying hello and them doing something else at the location they were at. I did change some of the location and planned to have more people than I did actually have in the end because of time restrains. I did plan to use a microphone but in the end I didn’t actually use one.

If I could adapt the work I produced I would make all the shots that are out of focus are in focus. I would also have used a microphone to make the audio better. I could have also filmed more footage of them doing things they like to show more of there personality.

I do feel like the final work was appropriate for the target audience of younger people/teenagers. I got good feedback from my peers and teenagers I showed my project to.

I do feel like it covered all 4 units well. I showed my different skills with camera skills and my framing skills in my production. I also covered the research and planning when researching and planning my production. Maybe not as much with the jobs unit but I did experience being a director. I also covered semiology and mise-en-scene  with the meaning and story behind why I made my production.

My production went a lot better than I thought it would. In the start I didn’t really have any idea of how I wanted to edit and how I wanted it to turn out. And I managed to find a nice song to play in the background, the song is about friendship and how important it is.

The feedback from my tutors was mainly good. They did obliviously point out that some shots were out of focus and that I should work on that, but they mention how they liked the different shots I used. They also said they likes how I had them all saying hello then after showing them doing thing so you get to know them each more. One thing when I done my first rough edit was that I should make the music quieter at the start when they are all saying hello so you can hear they saying hello better.

If I was to do this task again I would definitely try and add more of my friends in, and make it longer and add more clips of my friends doing there activity’s. I would also maybe add a shot of all my friends together somewhere, I feel like this would be nice to show everyone together. I would use a microphone next time to make the sound better quality and prevent back ground noise.  Also would make sure that all my shots are in focus while on location so if they are I can reshoot them, because I only realised that they are out of focus when I got the editing.