My project is going to be a documentary about teenagers in 2017. It fill focus on different problems teens in 2017 may be dealing with. I want to address the different problems teens have, educate people on them and show that it is okay to be different. I feel that some things in todays society are not talked about or talked about enough, and they should be talked about more and accepted because they are normal things. I want to look at thing such a sexuality, being transgender and fitting in. I want to look at these because they affect a lot of people around me and sometimes even me personally.

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A key areas I need to develop my knowledge would be the structure of a documentary. What to film, and how to film it, what makes a documentary. I have watched many different types and I am starting to understand the main structure of a documentary.


I have made a survey to see how much people like documentary’s. At the end of the week I will look at all the responses and analyse them. I made this survey because I wanted to find out if people enjoy watching documentary’s and what kinds, so I could incorporate them into my short documentary so I would have a bigger audience.

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This was the first question on my survey. 52 people out of 57 answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you enjoy watching documentaries?’ This is more than 90% of the people who took the survey. This is a good results for me a I am making a documentary and no one answered ‘no’. There was 5 people who answered in the ‘other’ and in this category they mostly answered ‘depends on the type of documentary’ and ‘maybe’.

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This is the second question in my survey. I asked ‘what type of documentary you be most likely to watch?’ I made it so the person could pick more than one option. The top answer picked was crime and the second most popular was real life. For my extended project I am making a real life documentary about teenagers. These results helped me because I was able to see what kind of documentary’s the public like and they are most likely to watch.

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For this question I asked the people taking the survey if they would watch a documentary about teenage life. Over 70% answered yes, this is a really good response because the majority would be interested in watching the documentary I will make.

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This question did not work very well and I do not think people understood it well. If I was to do this question again I would ask the audience if  they would watch a documentary that was under 10 minutes, not how long they would want one to be, because most people said 60 minutes and I would not be able to make an hour long documentary.

Location Research

I visited each of my locations to make sure there was a space I was able to film in, and good natural light as I not using artificial light.


  • College – Joey, Fin, Sara

I decided to film Joey, Fin and Sara in college. I chose this location because it had big windows and good natural lighting. This place in college is also reasonably quiet so we did not have many disturbances.

  • 24 Minster Road, Ramsgate – Alice

I decided to film in Alice’s conservatory as it had good natural lighting and had a suitable place for me to place the camera to film easily.