Literary Review

I have already looked at lots of different documentary’s before I started the research for this project, because my 1 minute film was a documentary. I looked at shorter 1-2 minute documentary’s. In my past work there was a strong theme of friendship, all including my friends because I wanted to show how much they mean to me. For my project now I am doing a documentary, this relates back to my other projects because one was also a documentary. I will be talking to teenagers, and this also relates back to my other work and they all have teenagers featuring in them.

For my research on this project I am going to look at longer documentary’s, how they are made and the main structure of documentary’s. I will look mainly on YouTube for the longer documentary’s, mainly looking at documentary’s that include things I want to look at in my project. I will also look online for any information about producing a documentary.

About documentrys

You need to have a good theme for your documentary, you need to plan what your documentary is going to be about and stick to the plan/theme. Make sure you have something you can focus on so its not just one big subject. You also need to make sure that it is a subject you can do a lot about because if you choose a subject with not a stuff to talk about the documentary will be very short and boring.

You need to make sure that the documentary you are going is made well. Things such as recreating real events, these need to be made well or they will not be effective in showing the audience what happened. Another thing that you need to make sure you do right is the music you use in your documentary. Using music in a documentary is very important because it helps to set the scene and the mood of the film and could ruin it if it is not appropriate to the scene.

Teenagers and Expressing Your self

Teenagers and expressing your self is what I am going to base my documentary about. I want to look at real life story’s first hand from teenagers, on expressing them selves and how social media has a big impact. I looked at different generations, our generation was the first to have smart phones, laptops, ipads as teenagers. We were also the first generation to grow up with social media. Teenagers life’s are very different from our parents life’s as teenagers, and the world has changed very much.


This documentary is about kids and teenagers who are transgender. This is not the subject I would like to focus but in some places it does look at teenagers expressing them selves and they talk about the problems they have had. I would use some influence from this documentary by talking to teenagers about being them selves and ask the teenagers I will interview similar questions, but this documentary from a couple of years ago, society’s views may have changed from when this was filmed. I also take a lot of influence from the style of this documentary because I want to do a voice over just like in this documentary.

This documentary is about teenagers that are homeless. I found this helpful because it was also about teenagers, but it is not about how they express themselves. I found it interesting how they followed them around and showed them doing normal stuff and talking about their life. This has a voice over and I like the way they used it, this was helpful as I want to use a voice over to.

Primary Research

For part of my primary research I will create a questionnaire/survey so I can ask people about documentaries. This will help me understand what people do and don’t like about documentaries and how I can make my project more appealable to people. I will also complete my pre production pack that includes finding locations, heath and safety and production planning. This will help me be organised and I will know what I will should be doing each day of the production. The last part of my production planning will be casting people to be in my documentary, so finding people who will be willing to be interviewed and talk about the subjects I want to focus on.


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