The Media Industry

For my project I will be making a short documentary. This sort of thing would fit into the film industry. The film industry is very big.  There is 6 large companies that fund a lot of mainstream films, Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount and Columbia.  These big mainstream film companies have been around since basically the start of the film industry. These companies mainly produce big blockbusters films.

Then there is the independent film industry witch is any film not financed by the 6 big mainstream film companies. They fund, produce and destitute the film themselves. The people who make independent films are usually making the films because they enjoy it and it is what they want to do, where as the big mainstream film companies also make films to make money and profit.

The film I would be making would be independent and would be most fitting to this industry. This is because I will be making this  I would not be made for TV or cinema as it is not a feature film or a hours long TV show.  They would be more suited for a small film festival and being on YouTube.

An example of an organisation that could produce my documentary would be Mosaic Films. They are a UK based independent film production company and they have produced documentary’s before. I would mainly distribute the my film online as I feel like that would be the best place as many people watch thing online now. I could also be shown at a film festival. I would look at showing it at specific film festivals for documentary’s. The audience would not be mainstream because it is not being made by a big production company and it would not be released in cinemas. It would have a niche audience of specific people who like short documenrys and young people who could relate to the documentary.

Equipment I would going to use in my project

Camera – Cannon 80D it shoots 1080p full HD and has very good controls and auto focus which is important for filming. This is also a light weight camera and not to big, so it is easy to take to different places if you are shooting in lots of different locations.

Microphone – Rode VideoMic Pro, directional shot gun mic, that attaches to the top of your camera. This will pick up sounds in front, and is easy to work with.

Tripod – Benro S6, an easy to use tripod that you are able to set at different heights, also has a leveller. This is light weight and easy to move around when going to different locations and easy and fast to set up.

Audience Profile

17 year old alternative girl. From Thanet in Kent.  She feels like she does not fit in to the mainstream fashion and wears cheaper vintage alternative clothes. She does not have a high income as she is at art college and lives with her parents.

18 year old boy who skateboard. Classic skateboarder clothes. Has a nose piercing and an ear stretcher. Lives in Herne Day in Kent. Studies media in college and lives with his parents. Has a part time job so his income is a bit higher, around £400 a month. Does not wear main stream clothes, likes to spend money on more expensive alternative clothes so he’s doesn’t look mainstream.

Job Roles

In my production I will be taking on the role of the producer director and editor. For these roles I will be in charge of the people I will be interviewing, while they are answering the questions, organising everything and editing my project.

To be a director in the film industry you need to have a lot of skills. You need to want to make films, have artistic vision and have good people and communication skills. Directors are mainly in charge of the visuals, they turn the idea or script into visual images. They also work with the producer and editor very closely.

A producer is a very important job when producing a film. You need to have good organisation skills and be good at working with lots of different people. A producer is in control of most things on a film set and is the person who will organise and be in control of everything so the film can be made. They are often the first person to be involved in a project and then employs other people to help, like the director, editor and crew.

A film would not be put together with out an editor. The editor is responsible for editing all the clips together and creating the final piece. To be an editor you need to be good at working with different editing software but also be able to work well with the director and producer and have a good creative vision.

Legal Requirements and Health and Safety

With any sort of production you have to think about all the legal things with in your production because if you don’t you can get into trouble. You must make sure everything you include in your project is legal. Things such as brands and music you usually need to get permission or pay money to be able to put them in your production. You also need to permission and releases written down as a legal document to prove that what/who is in your production is actually allowed.

You must think about health and safety and if what you are doing is safe for yourself and everyone around you. You should fill out a health and safety form and make sure precautions are in place for any hazards there might be during your production. If you don’t think about health and safety during your production, someone could get hurt and it could stop your production and cost a lot of money. Risks such as electrical hazards or tips and falls may happen.

Skills Needed

I will need use a variety of different skills during my project:

  • Camera and equipment – I will need to be able to use a camera to film my production, use a microphone to be able to record good audio for my interviews and use a tripod so be able to steady my camera.
  • Avid – I need to be able to have the skill of using avid so I can edit my film.
  • Pre Production – I will need to use the skills I have learnt about pre production and planning to complete my production.

I will use the technique of a voice over in my production, I will use this so the audience will understand what is going on and I will be able to explain to the audience what my film is about.









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