Initial Ideas

In my work I seem to have recurring theme of Friendship and being a young person. My hallo project was based around friendship and we also had to make a short 1 minute film around friendship, even though we were given this theme I still enjoyed it. I feel that friendship is a good theme to try and work with. I like documentary’s and would like to try and work this into my FMP. My 1 minute short film was a documentary and I enjoyed making it even though I was only 1 minute. I would like to film more documentary style films because I like to hear other peoples take on things and I like learning about other peoples opinions and life story’s, and I would like to incorporate everything I like into my FMP.

Idea 1: A reality show/mockumentary about a group of teenagers that live in a house.

This would be a scripted comedy, that is made to look like it is not scripted on a group of teenage friends who all live in the same house. I would make it so it is the first episode, and all the people in the house would be introduced and there would be some sort of drama between some of the people.

It would be a mixture of Keeping Up With the Kardashians/The only way is Essex/Big Brother. There would be a Diary Room where they would come a talk about the other people in the house. I do enjoy these sort of programs myself and find them funny. I think it would be fun to film one myself. I would also be incorporating friendship as it would be about a group of friends.

For the actors I would use my friends in real life and I think a reality tv show about them all would be interesting. For the location I would use my friends house as that is where me and my friends mostly go, and it is quite a big house so it would be good for filming in.  The skills I would be using would include directing people on the set, camera work and writing the script. The target audience would be teenagers and young adults aged 16-25 people who watch reality shows the most.

Idea 2:  A music video for the song ‘ I wish’ by Skeelo

To incorporate the theme of friendship into my ideas, I was thinking of doing a music video showing friendship, and this song is played a lot when me and my friends are together. We all have listened to this song a lot while being friends with each other and I feel like it is an important song in our friendships.

I would show a group of friends meeting up if I was to make the music video. Each one would be showing up till they all together. I would use my friends as the people in the video and use a location outside, somewhere like a park. I would be using a lot of camera skills and using different shots to make the music video look good and using my editing skills if I was to have people lip syncing the songs.

My target audience would be primarily teenagers and young adults because they are the people who mostly watch music videos. But it would also be people who mainly listen to hip hop and rap because that is the genre of the song. For research I would be looking at the different music videos already made in that genre and how they are made.

Idea 3: A documentary about being a teenager in 2017 and fitting into society.

This would be a documentary about teenagers in 20017. I would include things like fitting in to todays society such as, the way you look, sexuality and gender. I am considering making this because I am also a teen in 2017 and I feel like stuff like this may not be talked about enough or talked about in a negative way. I also really enjoy documentary’s and would enjoy making one for my FMP and I could incorporate the theme of friendships because I could interview my friends as they are also teens.

I would be using a lot of different skills if I was to make this documentary because I would need to be able to have good social skills to be interviewing people to get lots of different opinions and views. I would also be using camera and editing skills to make the documentary.

My target audience would be teenagers 14-19. It would mostly be teenagers that could relate to the points and issues brought up in the documentary and they would feel like there not the only one to feel like that and it is okay to be your self.  I would be researching and looking at documentary’s already made on subjects similar to the one I want to look at.