Short 1 Minute Film

For this task we have to produce a 1 minute film. The theme for this short film is ‘friendship’

My 1 minute short film will be a small documentary about peoples feelings on friendship. I will be asking some of my closest friends questions about friendship and filming there answers.


I watched some short 1 minute films on YouTube and made notes. I also researched questions on friendship, for inspiration on what questions I was going to ask my friends.


There is a variety of different shots in this short film. They all flow nicely together. The shots are edited together in a quite fast way, but it is effective because this short film has a good flow. The lighting is quite dull, maybe showing that it could be nigh time and he is going out, because you also see him walk towards the door before he looks for his phone. The sound used is good because it goes along with him trying to find his phone he misplaced,  it makes you want to know where the phone is more. The narrative for this is just a normal one because there is a start, middle and end.

Special Date

This short film does not have as many different shots. There is one quite long shot and is just a shot of him getting ready in a mirror. The lighting is quite bright because the first part is shot in a bath room, bur then he goes out side and the lighting is pretty dark, which could make you think that he is about to go and pick is date up, then he enters and the only light used is the light of the computer screen then you learn that the date is actually online. There is the same song all the way through the short film, its a quite happy and positive song so makes the short film seem happy and positive and shows the guy is excited for his date.


This short film is about a boy who needs the toilet and is rushing around trying to find the toilet and on his way he disrupts some people. There is lots of different shots in this short and a lot of movement on screen that helps show that he is moving fast. There is black bars that  move up and down during this film and they move down when he is rushing around to show the urgency of his movements. Most of the lighting is natural because he is out side and moving fast and not really in the same place for a long period of time. The sounds used in this also contribute to the urgency of him running around.


This short film is about a girl who goes for a psychic reading with her friend but it actually turns out that it is fake and her friend set it all up. The first scene you see is in a hallway, the lighting is pretty dull and cold, that is showing that they are in a sketchy place, and she even points this out in the film. The only audio is the dialogue between the two girls, there is no music in the back ground. Then she walks into the place where the psychic reading is and the lighting is more warm. There is now some music in the back ground to show where she is.  There is different shots showing the surroundings and the actors clearly. Then the background music stops because the woman admits she is not a psychic. Then music plays at the end to show everything turned out fine.


This film is about a two people at station. The main focus is the girl, there is lots of different shots showing her standing at the station and what she is doing. Then a guy comes along and it looks as if he wants to talk to her, and from the shots of her we get the impression she wants to talk to him to. The guy is shown moving around a lots behind her showing that he could be nervous. Then it seems like he is going to talk to her but then actually steals her bag. The music playing in the background suggests more of a love story than a crime. The lighting is natural and looks like it could have been shot in the evening sort of time because the sun is quite orange and low.


In this 1 minute short film, there is a man going to give some money to a homeless man and he takes a selfie when giving the money to the man and shares it on facebook and sends it to his friends to show what a good person he is when really he only gives the homeless man a coin. This is a very simple short film and is only filmed in one location, but uses different shots. The location it is filmed at is out side so all the lighting is natural lighting, and there is not much audio, only back ground sounds and sounds of a train and the movement of the guy.

There is 3 main stages in production:

Pre-production: This is the stage when you plan what you are going to do. This is a very important stage in the production because you cant start making something before you have planned it. You have to plan everything, where you are going to be filming your production, when and how you will film it, what equipment you need and if you need actors. In this stage I planned out where i was going to film each part of my short film and who was going to be in it. I also planned what equipment I was going to need and made sure it was available.

Production:  This is the stage where you go out and film your production. You go to the places you have planned to go to and film and record. For this part I went to all the different places I had planned to go to, with the people I had planned to use in my film and i filmed them.

Post-Production: In the stage you mainly edit the footage you have for your production and add in anything. In this stage I edited all my footage together using avid, added in music in the background and put the questions on screen.

We were given the theme of friendship for this 1 minute film. I had the idea of doing a 1 minute short documentary on friendship. I chose this idea because I like documentary’s. In my documentary I interviewed 5 different people and asked them different questions about friendship. I also filmed them doing activity’s with there friends.

Schedule and Production Diary

Monday – Planning

Tuesday – Planning

Wednesday – Planning

Thursday – Planning

Friday  – Film Emily and part of Arthur’s  – Filmed Emily in the LRC and filmed Arthur in sitting on a bench.

location recce sheet 1

health and safety 1

location recce sheet 2

health and safety 2

Monday –  Starting Editing at college

Tuesday – Filming Lucy and Paisley, and Joe – Filmed Lucy and Paisley in the park. Filmed Joe on a park bench, this did not go as well as I planned so I didn’t use this footage.

location recce sheet 3

health and safety 3

location recce sheet 4

health and safety 4

Wednesday – Filming Billy and the other part of Arthur’s – Filmed Billy in his bedroom. Filmed another part for Arthur’s part in his dining room, with George Nat and Elsie.

location recce sheet 5

health and safety 5

location recce sheet 6

health and safety 6

Thursday – Editing

Friday  – Editing

Equipment List:

  • Rode Shotgun Microphone
  • Camera
  • Clapper Board

For me the filming of this short film did not go as well as I planned. There was a time when I was meant to film someone but then they wasn’t available and that messed up my schedule. I was able to deal with this by filming on another day and then coming into college on Thursday and Friday and finishing of my editing. I also had a couple of problems with the audio, but I was able to fix them when I was out filming. For me this project was a lot like my Hallo project because I had made my Hallo project around friendship and that is why I feel like I did not do as well as I could have. If I was to make this 1 minute short film again I would have put more thought into the idea and I would have put more of a variety of shots in.

Social Media Report

I did not get any feedback on this blog post. I do not have many followers on my college social media accounts and it is hard to get feedback every week.