This week we were focusing on different microphones. We looked at different microphones and what different situations we might use them in. We also looked at some problems we might have with different microphones and what the best ones to use are.

Task 1

In this task we had to go to 3 locations around the college:

  • An open inside area
  • An enclosed inside area
  • Out side

We went to each location and used 2 different microphones:

  • Lapel
  • Shot gun

We filmed a close up  using the shotgun mic and a long shot using the lapel mic, in the 3 different locations around college. We had a couple of problems while filming. One problem we came across was the device we were using running out of battery. We were easily able to fix this by getting new batteries. We also had some disruption with people around college interrupting filming but we just waited for them to pass so we could film again. I also had some problems with syncing the sound because I could not find the audio at first but then I was able to find it, and sync it in avid.

I would say the lapel mic would be better for interviews than the shot gun mic. The shot gun mic  has a directional polar pattern but still pics up some sound around it because it is usually placed further away from the sound so it is not in the shot. The lapel mic is better for interviews because it is can be placed near to the source of the sound, so it will just pick up that certain sound you want to record. It is also easier to hide because it is small so it can be in shot but you might not see it. The lapel mic is also easier to use because it does not need some one to hold it.


Social Media Report

This week I did not get any feed back on my blog post. I think this is because it takes time to build up a following and I do not have many followers so will not get that much feed back.