Billy Goats Gruff

This week we were given an audio task. In class we looked at different microphones we could use and what one would be best. We also look at different examples of audio work, with and without visuals.

The task we had to do was recreate part of the Billy Goats Gruff story just using audio. We used a shot gun microphone to record our sounds and we recorded them all around college. In my final edit I also used some sounds I found online.

Sounds I used:

  • Narrator and two people reading the lines of the characters
  • Hooves sound, made by tapping plastic cups on a table
  • Ambient farm sound (found online)
  • Running water sound for the stream, made by recording a running tap
  • Splashing sound (found online)

I did have some problems when doing this audio task. One of the first problems we came across was when recoding the sound and trying to find a quiet place to record the sound so we did not have any back ground noise. In the end we used a quiet corridor to record the sound, this took a couple of attempts because even though we were in a quiet corridor there still was some disturbance’s like people walking past and door shutting.

Another problem I came across while editing was that some of the audio had more background noise than others because we did not put the microphone close enough to where the sound was coming from so we could hear other sounds. We fixed this by going out again and recording the sounds with more background noise again.

When we got to editing the sounds I found another problem witch was that some of the sounds were louder than others. To fix this I edited all my sounds I wanted together on avid then adjusted the volume of individual recordings also using avid. I made some recoding’s louder because they were to quiet and some quieter because they were to loud, until I felt like they sounded just right.


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