Movement Task

This week we learnt about lots of different movements used in film, and how they can mean different things and engage the audience in the film. Movement in film must have a smooth flow otherwise it will not be effective.  Control, organisation and selection are the main things to think about when using movement in film. Movements used in film include: circular, horizontal and vertical, which can be shown either with the camera movements, movements of people on screen or movement of the background.

Different types of camera moment:

  • Pan – Moving the camera from left to right or right to left in a strait line.pan
  • Tilt – Moving the camera up and down.


  • Track – Physically moving the camera along from left to right or right to left.


For pan and tilt there is a rule that you shouldn’t move the camera any more than you can move you head from side to side or up and down because it may confuse the audience.


Direction in a scene is very important because it shows the audience the direction the subject in the scene are going, if there is movement in the scene. If direction is not done properly it can confuse the audience. For example, if the subject enters the shot from the left, to keep the screen direction right they need to exit on the right. There is the 180º rule which is if you are filming the subject from the right side, you should stay on that side otherwise it will look as if the subject is going in another direction. You can change the direction of the subject but for this to be effective you should show them changing direction on screen which is called natural direction or you can use a cut away. Natural direction is when you can physically see the subject move in another direction in the scene and a cut away is when you see the subject moving in one direction and then it cuts to something different in the scene then back to the subject moving but in a different direction and this is not confusing for the audience because they saw something different before seeing the movement again.

If the subject is moving towards or away from the camera, you have more options of where the subject can go when exiting because they are moving in the middle of the scene you can choose what side they exit. But if you choose for them to come back into the scene using movement you should make sure the enter from the same side they exited, if they enter from the side they did not exit the audience will be confused of the direction of the subject. Another thing you should be careful of when using moment is graphical imbalance, which is when you cut from the subject being close up in the shot and then them being far away in the shot which can also confuse the audience because they might not know where the subject is and it makes the movement seem jumpy.

In this task we had to show movement in our own scene. I had Recce walking out of college. I used a steady cam and a tripod to film it.

I made some mistakes in this movement task. I feel like I showed movement well with Reece walking through the doors and down the stairs. I filmed this part with the steady cam and some of the footage is slightly shaky but I think this is because we didn’t have any experience using the steady cam before. I am also in the back of some shots because I wasn’t using the steady cam, and if I was to do this task again I would make sure I am not in the back of the shots.

I then used a tripod to film Reece walking through the middle of college and out the doors. I made the mistake of being very close up to Reece then filming him far away, this does not look very good in the edit and is referred to as graphical imbalance. I would also improve this part of the filming if I was to repeat this task again. I would probably use the steady cam to gradually move back to show more of Reece and then use the tripod to pan round while Reece is walking, instead of just cutting from being very close up to very far away.

Social Media Feedback

This week I did not get any feed back on my social media accounts, I think this is because I only have a small following at the moment but I am hoping this will grow in the future and that I will get more feedback from my followers.