I will be researching different types of software for editing.

What I am going to research:


  • Look at the software they have on the college computers


  • Different software available
  • What editors used before they had computer software


There is lots of different software available. Some are completely free, some you buy once and can use for ever and some work with a subscription service, so you pay each month to use them. If you want a professional standard editing software you will usually have to pay for it. The top 3 best editing software of 2016, rated by ‘Top10Reviews’ were; premier pro which is around £20 a month and is made buy adobe, final cut pro which is made by apple and is around £240 and Avid media composer which is £30 a month. Some of the more popular free/cheaper editing software includes windows movie maker (free) and iMovie (£3.99)

People were making films way before any editing software and computers were made. All editing was done by hand with no software. This is called Analogue editing, and takes a lot longer than digital editing on software. You have to physically cut and put together bits of physical film to create the film you want, it is a very time consuming way of editing, and all films were made like this until the first editing software was created. To edit the physical film from the camera people would use a cutting/splicing device.

Image result for film splicing machineFilm splicing machine (Google, no date)

The computers at college have the editing program Avid on them. We have just started to use this editing program and I found it slightly confusing at the start but once you get used to it, its easier to understand. Avid has lots of things you can do it on and provides a wide range of things you can do to your edit to make it different.

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