Introduction to editing on Avid

Firstly make yourself a folder of your name in new volume so you know where all  your work will be and to keep organised. Then in that folder make a folder with the name of the project, and in that folder make 3 folders called edit, audio and video. You put your audio recordings in the audio folder and video footage in the video folder. Then open Avid.



When you open up avid you will see this screen


You need to press this button

Make sure your Edit folder is selected from your folder in New volume.

Then press new project.

After pressing new project this should come up


Name your project and make sure the format is 25p PAL and the aspect ratio is set at 16:9 then press okay.

Then press okay, then this screen comes up.


Press ‘new bin’ and make 3 bins and call one ‘edit’ one ‘audio’ and one ‘video’ so then it should look like this.


Then right click in the audio and video bins and import your files.

When all you files are imported you can start to edit them.

Select the video you want to edit first and press the small icon that looks likes a bit of film and it will come up on the first screen. Watch the video through and mark out the part y0u want using the in and out points, you use these by pressing I and O on the key board at the place you want the edit.

When you are happy with the selected footage you have you can press either V or B, to insert it into the time line. Carry this on unit you have all your desired clips on your timeline. If you wish to delete a clip you just select the clip on the time line. 15102265_545462918985593_340339290_o

You may want to put audio or a song on your clip if your videos don’t already have audio on your footage. Import all your audio to your audio bin, select the one you want to put in, you may need to create a new bar to put the audio in.


For my first time editing I feel like this went okay. I didn’t really use any transitions but I was able to add audio in.