Planning takes place in every tv program/film. The production could not take place with out planning. Every small detail needs to be planned, even down to all the costumes every extra will wear and food for the actors. Usually the planning takes longer than the actual filming, it could take months even up to a year to plan a movies because there is so many thing to plan.

The scene i’m doing is the opening scene to the movie Suicide Squad. In this opening scene you meet two of the main characters, Dead Shot played by will smith and Harley Quin played by Margot Robbie. Both the characters are in a place called ‘the black site’ as we get told in the opening, which is some sort of military base. They both get talked to by the same guard, and Harley has flash backs.


Location – ‘Black site’

For the shot of the ‘black site’ I would employ a CGI artist to draw the location, because the shot is quite far out and the buildings in the distance are not very detailed, and the CGI artist would be able to change the colours of the sea and sky easily to like we see in the beginning of the shot.

I chose this CGI artist because a lot of his work was location designing and I think his style would be best for this shot.

Set design – Painting on the wall

For the painting on the wall of ‘death’ I would employ a graffiti artist, because the wall is meant to be outside, I feel like a graffiti artist would be best suited.


Most of the artists work are done on walls so they would be able to create the painting perfectly.

 Set design – office

For this office I would need a set designer and a studio to put the set in and film in.

TV Studio – Canterbury, Kent

Set design – prison cell

We see will smith playing Dead Shot in a small prison cell, with nothing but a punching bag. For this set I would use this abandoned prison.


This cell is small like the one we see on screen and has a pig metal door.

Set design – metal bar doors



Props – Army truck


Props – Office props

Props – Punching bag


I would use this punching bag as it looks worn out and kind of old and the chains at the top make it look like it could be in a prison.

Props – Medical equipment

There is lots of different medical props to hire.

Costume – Guards uniform

You are able to hire many at a time.

Costume – Orange jumpsuit

Costume designer.

Costume – White leotard

Costume designer.

Sound – Foley sound

A company who can create the foley sound.

Stunt – Harley hanging from ceiling, getting thrown on the ground and running into the bars

To make sure all stunts are performed safe and correctly.

Make up design – Harley’s tattoos

Professional make up artist

Special effects – Electric bars