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Formative Feedback

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  1. Jenni B – Formative Feedback for weeks 1-4 units 2,3,4.
    Well done Nimah, these posts are adequate. You have understood the requirements of each week’s tasks, and produced work that illustrates your understanding of that task. It is a shame that you have missed a number of deadlines as there was no work posted. This means that you have missed out on feedback for each week’s tasks, which can assist you in the improvement of your work. The work is also a little basic; you need to include a lot more depth and detail to have the possibility for a higher grade. Again, if I had been able to see your posts every week I could have commented on that. Try and do your best to produce as much work as possible in college time, therefore enabling me to have something to comment on each week. The formative grade is a pass.


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