How to become a cameraman:

To become a camera man the best way is to go to university. You could do a course o photography because that could lead to being a cameraman. After this you could get a apprenticeship or internship. Alternatively you could go into free lance work.

Famous Camera Man:

Emmanuel Lubezki cinematographer from Mexico. He started his career in Mexico in the late 1880s, and his first international production was the independent film Twenty Bucks (1993). Lubezki studied film and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, along with film maker Alfonso Cuarón.

The two have been friends since they were teenagers and have worked on 6 motion pictures. Including Great Expectations (1989), Gravity (2013) and Children of Men (2006) witch revived universal acclaim for his camera use.
He’s been nominated for 8 Academy Award for Best Cinematographer. Winning three for The Revenant (2015), Gravity (2013) and Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (2014)

Different Jobs:

  • Camera Assistant – They make sure everything is running smooth, make sure the battery’s are charged and all the equipment is working right. They will know the script, so they know what cameras are needed in witch scenes.
  • Camera Operator (Camera Man) – They operate the equipment on set, like the cameras and drones.
  • Cinematographer/Director of Cinematography –  They control where the cameras go and what cameras to use. They design camera plans, and decide what to do with the cameras.

Auteur Theory

‘Auteur’ originates from France, it translates as ‘Author’. The theory was introduced in the 1950s by French film directors. The Auteur Theory states that the director is considered the ‘Author’ of the movie. Its considered that the director puts as much work in to the film they are making as an author who is writing a book.  All directors have there certain style they direct with and they are the leader of the team making the film, like the lighting, sound, camera, editing, actors,  and they tent to work with people who have a similar style.

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