I am going to research different types of cameras, and how there’re  used.

What I am going to research:


  • Look at different camera in shops


  • Different types of camera
  • When and what are they are used


There are lots of different types of cameras used in film making. Some are big some are small and some are very expensive and some are reasonably cheap. The camera you use really depends on the shot you would like to get and what you are filming.

If you just want a simple video you could go for a consumer camcorder. It can help you develop your framing skills, and they do not cos a lot if you get a simple one. Camcorders are good for students and for family’s. There pretty small and there simple to operate, but the quality of the image will not be as good as other more expensive camera, especially in low light. Another type of camcorder is a prosumer camcorder, which are a lot like the consumer camcorders but they are better in quality and have options for you to plug in a separate microphone, but still do not have all the features of a professional video camera. You can also get professional camcorders which are very good quality and give you a lot more options and more creative control. But these camcorders can be expensive, and also quite bulky, and it may take some time to learn how to use them.

DSLR are still cameras interchangeable lenses. They are the best option if you are on a budget but you still want a high quality shot. They are very good quality and they give you lots of creative control because there lots of different things you can do on them to make your shots look different. With these cameras sound recording can be awkward and they can be awkward if you are using them handheld. They also have limited recording time which could be a problem if you need to take a lot of shots. But in general they are better than camcorders because they give you more benefits not available when filming with a camcorder.

Interchangeable lens videos are best for serious film makers. They have the advantages of camcorders and DSLR cameras. The larger image sensors and interchangeable lenses make better video quality, and most have pro sound feature so the audio will be better when using these types of cameras. The only real cons to these cameras is that the are usually quite big and because they are such good cameras obviously they are going to be pretty expensive, but but serious film makers with a good budget will be able to afford them.

I looked at many different cameras in shops. You can pretty much buy any camera you need, a simple cheap one, or an expensive professional one. It really just depends on what type you want and what you are using the camera for.


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