180 Degree Rule

The 180 degree rule is a rule that film makers use. The rule is if there are two characters in the scene, the camera should stay on the left or right of them, and only goes 180 degrees of either side it is on. Its like there is an invisible axis in the middle of them. If you pass over the invisible axis its called ‘called crossing the’. When you cross the line its seen to be confusing and disorienting for the audience.

Over the Shoulder Shot

An over the shoulder shot is framed from a behind a person who is looking at a person, so like the camera is just behind there shoulder. You focus more on the person in front of the shoulder so its like looking them from the other persons point of view.

Shot reverse Shot

Shot reverse shot also uses 180 degree rule and sometimes an over the shoulder shot. Its a classic Hollywood technique. It is used when two people are having a conversation, there is two shots, one of each person and it switches between them when they are having the convocation so you can view both people.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


For this we had to go out in groups of 4 and take pictures. In these pictures we had to show that we understood the 180 degree rule, the over the shoulder shot and shot reverse shot. All the shots show the 180 degree rule because they all stay on the one side of the two girls.   Image 1 shows an over the shoulder shot as you  can see the first girls shoulder and then the other girl in front of her, showing the are having some sort of conversation. Then image 1,2, 3 and 4 show shot reverse shot because they go between each girl showing each of them.

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