What is Mise-en-scene:

Mise-en-scene means literally everything on screen. The word is borrowed from theater studies but people analyzing film and TV now use it. Mise-en-scene even includes sound, so what you can see and hear on screen, and the auidance decodes it which comes from semiology.

Mise-en-scene includes:

  • Props – furniture, cars, pets, guns
  • Locations –  houses, towns, flats
  • Sound – spoken word, music, sfx
  • Clothes – dresses, tops, trousers
  • Actors – what they look like, how they sound
  • Lighting – colours, brightness
  • Editing – whats going on, length of scenes

Scene analysed:

  1. https://www.netflix.com/watch/80077368?trackId=13752289&tctx=0%2C0%2C5a34e8a6-6ee0-4e2d-b339-760a95974360-17599367

A date and a place appear witch is the editing showing us where this is set and what the date is. It says ‘November 6th 1983’ which shows us this show is set in the 80’s. Behind the words is a dark starry sky showing that it is night, there are some sounds in the back ground that sound like outdoor noises, of wind and maybe animals. The camera pans down to a big building with lots of satellite dishes on the top of it with flashing red lights. This is telling us that this building is probably important. More words appear on the screen telling us what the building is, the name also lets the audience know that it is an important building.

The shot changes to what seems to be inside the building we just saw, it is a pain corridor but there are white lights flickering and you can hear the hum of them flickering. The lights flickering could be a warning sign, and as we learnt that the place is a laboratory, the warning could be for something very bad.

The camera moves in to a heavy metal door, at the end of the corridor, the lights still flickering. Then suddenly you see a man in a white lab coat loudly burst through the door, showing that he works there and is a scientist. Hes running very fast showing that he is in danger and probably running to get away from some one/something. There is now a siren playing in the back ground and the man in the white lab coat is turning corners, there is a shot close up of his face and he looks very scared and you can hear him gasping for air.

The man in the white lab coat gets to an elevator and you see him pressing the call button frantically, meaning he is obviously running away from something. The is a close up of his face and he looks back at the corridor and he looks very anxious. He then presses the button repeatedly, then finally the elevator opens. He runs on and starts to press another button, he stands in the middle of the elevator and stares down the empty corridor, he is breathing very heavily, and the lights are still flashing. The camera gets closer to his face and then his head tilts up and he is looking very scared, meaning that there is probably something above him, you can hear some weird sounds which is probably coming from what ever is above him. Then he is yanked upwards by whatever is above him as the elevator closes.

The scene changes to a close up to a sprinkler, then you see the sprinkler in front of a suburban house. Then it cuts to a close up of a boys face who is talking, it then shows 3 other characters who he is sitting round a table and they are playing a board game that looks serious. The are sitting in a basement, that looks quite old, because this TV program is set in the 80’s.

The 4 boys are the first characters we meet who have dialogue, which shows that they probably are important characters in the TV show.