I am going to find out about the use of Foley sound in films and TV shows.

What I am going to research:


  • Try and recreate some Foley sounds


  • What is Foley sound
  • How they make Foley sound
  • Importance of Foley in film

Foley sound effects are sounds added to a film in post production, so after the filming has stopped. Such as doors opening and shutting or slamming, fighting sounds, glass breaking and foot steps. So sounds the microphone did not pick up, or they were not loud enough. The main job of the person recording round on set is to record the dialogue, not the other sounds on the set.

Foley sound is created by Foley artists, on a Foley stage, in a Foley studio. A Foley stage is an area with lots of props to make sounds from, and a Foley studio is a specialized studio with special microphones that will pick up the sound well. The Foley artists stand on the Foley stage with the film on the screen in front of them, then they perform the sounds in time with film.

Without Foley in film, the film would not seem right, it would seem empty and hollow. When watching a film you need to be able to hear all the sounds not just the dialogue. Foley sounds are also used in documentary, it helps to bring the footage to life. It enhances the scene, mostly in comedy and action films, to make them more funny or intense.

I tried to recreate some Foley sound effects, it was harder than I thought. You cant just use any surface to try and make foot step sounds because different surfaces sound different, it depends on what type of foot step sounds you want. Creating water sounds was quite easy, I experimented with different kitchen utensils with running water, and using dry materials, like rocks.

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