Task 1

Different Types of Microphones

Dynamic Microphone: They are very versatile and good for general use. They use a simple design. They are strong and resilient to rough handling. They are better for loud sound/voices, such as musical instruments.


Condenser or capacitor microphone: This microphone requires power from batteries or an external source, and the audio signal is stronger from this microphone is stronger than a dynamic microphone. Its a lot more sensitive than a dynamic microphone, so it is not suitable for recording loud noise because it can distort the sound.


Polar Patterns

A polar pattern is the area around a microphone that will pick up audio. There is different shapes, every microphone has one and they have different uses. On some microphone you can change the polar patterns.

Omnidirectional: Picks up audio well in all directions. Used for recording ambient sound, recording more that one person talking/singing at one time.

Cardioid: Is a heart shaped polar pattern, they pick up sound within 120 degrees of the direction they are pointing in and pick up little sound from the side and back.

For this task we had to go out and record ambient sounds around the college in 4 different places, two outside and two inside, using two different polar patterns in the 4 different places.


I found this task quite interesting because you don’t actually realise all the different noises around you until you really listen. If i was to perform this task again i would probably just improve the way i labeled each sound because i got confused when listening to the recordings.

Task 2

Foley sound is sound added onto a film post production, its sound that hasn’t been picked up or is not loud enough when they have recorded it. Its sounds such as walking, running, glass smashing and fighting noises.

For the second task we walked around the college and had to make Foley sounds:

  • Foot steps
  • Horse hooves
  • Rain
  • Human voice
  • Running water
  • Space ship
  • Fire (our own choice)


I really enjoyed this task, i found it very interesting how you can make the sounds effects of things just using other objects that are around. I do feel like my group did rush this task slightly and if we were to repeat this i would have tried to slow down and think more about the sounds we were making.