What is semiology?
Semiology is the study of signs in film and tv. Messages are encoded into films and tv. This means they try and contain messages and meaning and the audience decodes it.
Signs include: Clothes, colours, body language and props such as furniture and cars.
Red: danger, love, anger, luxury, heat, jealousy
Green: envy, happy, nature, jealousy, healthy, greed
Yellow: happy, danger, summer, youth, warmth, success
Blue: sad, cold, calm, contemplating, natural, nostalgia
New character joining skills
Black hair with a fringe, sometimes wears a black snap back or beanie hat. Wears black skinny jeans, black jumper with a large white stripe across the front, septum piercing. Quite skinny and medium height. Awkward body language, but moves quite fast. He smokes roll ups, skateboards, wears a blue backpack. His bed room is small, grey and white walls, has a double bed and a desk with a computer witch takes up most of the room.
Misfits Episode 1 Season 1 
Right at the start  of the episode you see all the characters getting dressed into orange jump suites which usually relate to what inmates wear in prisons, which could show us the characters may be in trouble with the law. The first characters you see is Alisha and you can see she has a tag on her which also indicates that she in trouble with the law. The camera moves up her body slowly, she is also in her underwear and just getting changed in a corridor that shows shes probably quite confident. The second character you see is Nathan and he is also getting dressed into his orange jump suite. He has a cigarette in his mouth which can tell us about him. The third character we see us Kelly and it is an close up of her face, she is wearing quite heavy make up and is coming her hair which shows she takes pride in her appearance. The next character you see is Simon, he is straitening out his collar that could mean he wants to looks smart, he is also stood in the middle of the shot which could also say something about him as a person, that maybe he likes everything to be inline and strait. The next character is Gary and he is putting on a snap back, and the shot is a low angles shot to make him look more intimidating, and he slaps his finger together showing to the audience he is a chav. We see Curtis next and there is a shot of his abs, showing that he probably works out and cares about his appearance, and he has his jump suite tied around his waste that could show that he doesn’t really care about the uniform. You then see them all lined up and all leaning differently on a railing by river, and there is close ups of there faces. Curtis is chewing gum and Alisha is twiddling her hair which show they both don’t really care about being there. There is a man talking to them who is probably is in charge, Nathan is the first one out of them to speak which shows that he is confident.
Ginny Burl (2015) Misfits Full Episodes Season 1 Episode 01 
Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac-Q4dcd7pk
(Accessed: 24th september)