What a director does:
A director is the person in  he making of films that directs/tells people what to do when the camera is rolling. They direct the: actors, sounds, editing, lighting and camera.
A director is not to confused with a producer, even tho there jobs are similar. The producer is in charge of what does on behind the camera when it is not rolling. The producer and director are usually equal when they work together.
Skills needed to be a director: 
Patience, confidence, passion, perfectionism, consistency, determination, creative vision and luck and money.
To become a director the most important things to do is to make films, watch films and go to uni and study film because it will improve your skills and you will make connections.
Famous director:
Quentin Tarantino was born in 1963 and moved to California aged 4. He worked as a usher at an adult film theater and also took acting classes. He got a job Video Archives in Manhattan Beach, California. Tarantino wrote the scripts for True Romance and Natural born killers when he worked there. He left the video archives to work at Cinetel, a production. He was able to give his script to one of the directors and he then bought the rights to it. After this he was able to get funding for his debut Reservoir dogs in 1992, which he also wrote. Then wrote and directed pulp fiction in 1994 and won an academy award. Tarantino has gone on to write, direct and start is many more films, he’s also had a lot of award nominations and even won an Oscar.
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(Assessed: 24th september)