Primary research is personal research that you do. You go out and find things and talk to people about the thing you want to research. This could be going out and taking pictures, interviewing people, taking surveys and practicing things to see if they will work in the future. You usually use primary research to find out things you didn’t know and to use to do tasks you do not know much about.

Secondary research is when you use research that someone has already made. Like taking photos of the internet, watching, listening or reading interviews conducted by someone else or looking at surveys results that people have already done.

There are lots of different types of research you can use. You could do a survey or a questionnaire witch can be primary or secondary. You can use pictures you have taken or photos from the internet or that people have given to you. You could get research and get information from a book, or find an interview with someone and make notes from that. Reading an article online would also be a good way of researching things.

The main source for researching things would probably be the internet, or going and talking to people. Other sources would include books, journals and diary’s. Also reports and articles people have written witch could be online or in magazines or newspapers.

A research plan is what you do before you go and do the actual research and then go on to actually making whatever you are doing the research for. You can plan out what sources and methods you are going to use.

If I was going to do research before making a documentary on crime in Thanet this is how I would do my research plan.

  • What? What am I trying to find out?


What style documentary are you going to? How long? Who is the target audience. Find out statistics for crime in Thanet, is it higher in some places. Where in Thanet has the highest crime rate, see if u can film there, would it be safe to film there? Look at the competition, if there already is a documentary about crime in Thanet. Research well known and some not well known crime story’s in Thanet. Research Thanet police, are they a good?

  • How? Where will I get the information for my research?


Use the internet, look up articles and reports. Watch old news reports. Use Facebook and twitter, ask people if they have been a victim of crime in Thanet and if they would like to share their experience. Talk to Thanet police.

  • Source locate


Read all the information you have found, analyse it. Summarise it so it is shorter.

  • Apply it


Make a plan of what information you want to use or make a report of it