This scene is the end scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2013) directed by Stephen Chbosky, the main character Charley had just left hospital after two months and his friends have come back to visit him because they had gone to college, but he still has a year left in high school. I like this scene because they finally found the song that played when they first became friends, and then throughout the film Charley writes letters and this is him writing his last letter, and he talks about how he feels better,  and he talks about how he is actually looking forward to the next year in school when he says he’s going to be ‘busy participating’ witch is different from the start of the movie where he wasn’t looking forward to school. Over all it seems like he has finally come to terms with what happened in his past, and it shows how people can get better from mental illness.

This scene is like one at the start of the film when the first become friends and the drive through the tunnel together and then now they have come together again, even though some of them have moved away to college. I feel I shows friendship and its nice that even though they do not see each other a lot they are still friends.