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Week 7 – Extended Project Portfolio

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Week 6 – 3.1 Extended Project

Pre Production Paper Work




Location Recce

alice location

George location

Fin Joey Sara location

Call Sheet

alice call sheet

George Call Sheet

Fin Joey Sara call sheet



Week 5 – 2.2 Extended Project

My project is going to be a documentary about teenagers in 2017. It fill focus on different problems teens in 2017 may be dealing with. I want to address the different problems teens have, educate people on them and show that it is okay to be different. I feel that some things in todays society are not talked about or talked about enough, and they should be talked about more and accepted because they are normal things. I want to look at thing such a sexuality, being transgender and fitting in. I want to look at these because they affect a lot of people around me and sometimes even me personally.

Mind mao

A key areas I need to develop my knowledge would be the structure of a documentary. What to film, and how to film it, what makes a documentary. I have watched many different types and I am starting to understand the main structure of a documentary.


I have made a survey to see how much people like documentary’s. At the end of the week I will look at all the responses and analyse them. I made this survey because I wanted to find out if people enjoy watching documentary’s and what kinds, so I could incorporate them into my short documentary so I would have a bigger audience.

Results do ulik edocs

This was the first question on my survey. 52 people out of 57 answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘Do you enjoy watching documentaries?’ This is more than 90% of the people who took the survey. This is a good results for me a I am making a documentary and no one answered ‘no’. There was 5 people who answered in the ‘other’ and in this category they mostly answered ‘depends on the type of documentary’ and ‘maybe’.

tpes opd cod

This is the second question in my survey. I asked ‘what type of documentary you be most likely to watch?’ I made it so the person could pick more than one option. The top answer picked was crime and the second most popular was real life. For my extended project I am making a real life documentary about teenagers. These results helped me because I was able to see what kind of documentary’s the public like and they are most likely to watch.

wopuld u

For this question I asked the people taking the survey if they would watch a documentary about teenage life. Over 70% answered yes, this is a really good response because the majority would be interested in watching the documentary I will make.

worng one

This question did not work very well and I do not think people understood it well. If I was to do this question again I would ask the audience if  they would watch a documentary that was under 10 minutes, not how long they would want one to be, because most people said 60 minutes and I would not be able to make an hour long documentary.

Location Research

I visited each of my locations to make sure there was a space I was able to film in, and good natural light as I not using artificial light.


  • College – Joey, Fin, Sara

I decided to film Joey, Fin and Sara in college. I chose this location because it had big windows and good natural lighting. This place in college is also reasonably quiet so we did not have many disturbances.

  • 24 Minster Road, Ramsgate – Alice

I decided to film in Alice’s conservatory as it had good natural lighting and had a suitable place for me to place the camera to film easily.







Week 4 – 2.1 Extended Project

Literary Review

I have already looked at lots of different documentary’s before I started the research for this project, because my 1 minute film was a documentary. I looked at shorter 1-2 minute documentary’s. In my past work there was a strong theme of friendship, all including my friends because I wanted to show how much they mean to me. For my project now I am doing a documentary, this relates back to my other projects because one was also a documentary. I will be talking to teenagers, and this also relates back to my other work and they all have teenagers featuring in them.

For my research on this project I am going to look at longer documentary’s, how they are made and the main structure of documentary’s. I will look mainly on YouTube for the longer documentary’s, mainly looking at documentary’s that include things I want to look at in my project. I will also look online for any information about producing a documentary.

About documentrys

You need to have a good theme for your documentary, you need to plan what your documentary is going to be about and stick to the plan/theme. Make sure you have something you can focus on so its not just one big subject. You also need to make sure that it is a subject you can do a lot about because if you choose a subject with not a stuff to talk about the documentary will be very short and boring.

You need to make sure that the documentary you are going is made well. Things such as recreating real events, these need to be made well or they will not be effective in showing the audience what happened. Another thing that you need to make sure you do right is the music you use in your documentary. Using music in a documentary is very important because it helps to set the scene and the mood of the film and could ruin it if it is not appropriate to the scene.

Teenagers and Expressing Your self

Teenagers and expressing your self is what I am going to base my documentary about. I want to look at real life story’s first hand from teenagers, on expressing them selves and how social media has a big impact. I looked at different generations, our generation was the first to have smart phones, laptops, ipads as teenagers. We were also the first generation to grow up with social media. Teenagers life’s are very different from our parents life’s as teenagers, and the world has changed very much.


This documentary is about kids and teenagers who are transgender. This is not the subject I would like to focus but in some places it does look at teenagers expressing them selves and they talk about the problems they have had. I would use some influence from this documentary by talking to teenagers about being them selves and ask the teenagers I will interview similar questions, but this documentary from a couple of years ago, society’s views may have changed from when this was filmed. I also take a lot of influence from the style of this documentary because I want to do a voice over just like in this documentary.

This documentary is about teenagers that are homeless. I found this helpful because it was also about teenagers, but it is not about how they express themselves. I found it interesting how they followed them around and showed them doing normal stuff and talking about their life. This has a voice over and I like the way they used it, this was helpful as I want to use a voice over to.

Primary Research

For part of my primary research I will create a questionnaire/survey so I can ask people about documentaries. This will help me understand what people do and don’t like about documentaries and how I can make my project more appealable to people. I will also complete my pre production pack that includes finding locations, heath and safety and production planning. This will help me be organised and I will know what I will should be doing each day of the production. The last part of my production planning will be casting people to be in my documentary, so finding people who will be willing to be interviewed and talk about the subjects I want to focus on.


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Project Proposal


Week 3 – 1.1 Extended Project

The Media Industry

For my project I will be making a short documentary. This sort of thing would fit into the film industry. The film industry is very big.  There is 6 large companies that fund a lot of mainstream films, Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount and Columbia.  These big mainstream film companies have been around since basically the start of the film industry. These companies mainly produce big blockbusters films.

Then there is the independent film industry witch is any film not financed by the 6 big mainstream film companies. They fund, produce and destitute the film themselves. The people who make independent films are usually making the films because they enjoy it and it is what they want to do, where as the big mainstream film companies also make films to make money and profit.

The film I would be making would be independent and would be most fitting to this industry. This is because I will be making this  I would not be made for TV or cinema as it is not a feature film or a hours long TV show.  They would be more suited for a small film festival and being on YouTube.

An example of an organisation that could produce my documentary would be Mosaic Films. They are a UK based independent film production company and they have produced documentary’s before. I would mainly distribute the my film online as I feel like that would be the best place as many people watch thing online now. I could also be shown at a film festival. I would look at showing it at specific film festivals for documentary’s. The audience would not be mainstream because it is not being made by a big production company and it would not be released in cinemas. It would have a niche audience of specific people who like short documenrys and young people who could relate to the documentary.

Equipment I would going to use in my project

Camera – Cannon 80D it shoots 1080p full HD and has very good controls and auto focus which is important for filming. This is also a light weight camera and not to big, so it is easy to take to different places if you are shooting in lots of different locations.

Microphone – Rode VideoMic Pro, directional shot gun mic, that attaches to the top of your camera. This will pick up sounds in front, and is easy to work with.

Tripod – Benro S6, an easy to use tripod that you are able to set at different heights, also has a leveller. This is light weight and easy to move around when going to different locations and easy and fast to set up.

Audience Profile

17 year old alternative girl. From Thanet in Kent.  She feels like she does not fit in to the mainstream fashion and wears cheaper vintage alternative clothes. She does not have a high income as she is at art college and lives with her parents.

18 year old boy who skateboard. Classic skateboarder clothes. Has a nose piercing and an ear stretcher. Lives in Herne Day in Kent. Studies media in college and lives with his parents. Has a part time job so his income is a bit higher, around £400 a month. Does not wear main stream clothes, likes to spend money on more expensive alternative clothes so he’s doesn’t look mainstream.

Job Roles

In my production I will be taking on the role of the producer director and editor. For these roles I will be in charge of the people I will be interviewing, while they are answering the questions, organising everything and editing my project.

To be a director in the film industry you need to have a lot of skills. You need to want to make films, have artistic vision and have good people and communication skills. Directors are mainly in charge of the visuals, they turn the idea or script into visual images. They also work with the producer and editor very closely.

A producer is a very important job when producing a film. You need to have good organisation skills and be good at working with lots of different people. A producer is in control of most things on a film set and is the person who will organise and be in control of everything so the film can be made. They are often the first person to be involved in a project and then employs other people to help, like the director, editor and crew.

A film would not be put together with out an editor. The editor is responsible for editing all the clips together and creating the final piece. To be an editor you need to be good at working with different editing software but also be able to work well with the director and producer and have a good creative vision.

Legal Requirements and Health and Safety

With any sort of production you have to think about all the legal things with in your production because if you don’t you can get into trouble. You must make sure everything you include in your project is legal. Things such as brands and music you usually need to get permission or pay money to be able to put them in your production. You also need to permission and releases written down as a legal document to prove that what/who is in your production is actually allowed.

You must think about health and safety and if what you are doing is safe for yourself and everyone around you. You should fill out a health and safety form and make sure precautions are in place for any hazards there might be during your production. If you don’t think about health and safety during your production, someone could get hurt and it could stop your production and cost a lot of money. Risks such as electrical hazards or tips and falls may happen.

Skills Needed

I will need use a variety of different skills during my project:

  • Camera and equipment – I will need to be able to use a camera to film my production, use a microphone to be able to record good audio for my interviews and use a tripod so be able to steady my camera.
  • Avid – I need to be able to have the skill of using avid so I can edit my film.
  • Pre Production – I will need to use the skills I have learnt about pre production and planning to complete my production.

I will use the technique of a voice over in my production, I will use this so the audience will understand what is going on and I will be able to explain to the audience what my film is about.









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Week 2 – Extended Project

Initial Ideas

In my work I seem to have recurring theme of Friendship and being a young person. My hallo project was based around friendship and we also had to make a short 1 minute film around friendship, even though we were given this theme I still enjoyed it. I feel that friendship is a good theme to try and work with. I like documentary’s and would like to try and work this into my FMP. My 1 minute short film was a documentary and I enjoyed making it even though I was only 1 minute. I would like to film more documentary style films because I like to hear other peoples take on things and I like learning about other peoples opinions and life story’s, and I would like to incorporate everything I like into my FMP.

Idea 1: A reality show/mockumentary about a group of teenagers that live in a house.

This would be a scripted comedy, that is made to look like it is not scripted on a group of teenage friends who all live in the same house. I would make it so it is the first episode, and all the people in the house would be introduced and there would be some sort of drama between some of the people.

It would be a mixture of Keeping Up With the Kardashians/The only way is Essex/Big Brother. There would be a Diary Room where they would come a talk about the other people in the house. I do enjoy these sort of programs myself and find them funny. I think it would be fun to film one myself. I would also be incorporating friendship as it would be about a group of friends.

For the actors I would use my friends in real life and I think a reality tv show about them all would be interesting. For the location I would use my friends house as that is where me and my friends mostly go, and it is quite a big house so it would be good for filming in.  The skills I would be using would include directing people on the set, camera work and writing the script. The target audience would be teenagers and young adults aged 16-25 people who watch reality shows the most.

Idea 2:  A music video for the song ‘ I wish’ by Skeelo

To incorporate the theme of friendship into my ideas, I was thinking of doing a music video showing friendship, and this song is played a lot when me and my friends are together. We all have listened to this song a lot while being friends with each other and I feel like it is an important song in our friendships.

I would show a group of friends meeting up if I was to make the music video. Each one would be showing up till they all together. I would use my friends as the people in the video and use a location outside, somewhere like a park. I would be using a lot of camera skills and using different shots to make the music video look good and using my editing skills if I was to have people lip syncing the songs.

My target audience would be primarily teenagers and young adults because they are the people who mostly watch music videos. But it would also be people who mainly listen to hip hop and rap because that is the genre of the song. For research I would be looking at the different music videos already made in that genre and how they are made.

Idea 3: A documentary about being a teenager in 2017 and fitting into society.

This would be a documentary about teenagers in 20017. I would include things like fitting in to todays society such as, the way you look, sexuality and gender. I am considering making this because I am also a teen in 2017 and I feel like stuff like this may not be talked about enough or talked about in a negative way. I also really enjoy documentary’s and would enjoy making one for my FMP and I could incorporate the theme of friendships because I could interview my friends as they are also teens.

I would be using a lot of different skills if I was to make this documentary because I would need to be able to have good social skills to be interviewing people to get lots of different opinions and views. I would also be using camera and editing skills to make the documentary.

My target audience would be teenagers 14-19. It would mostly be teenagers that could relate to the points and issues brought up in the documentary and they would feel like there not the only one to feel like that and it is okay to be your self.  I would be researching and looking at documentary’s already made on subjects similar to the one I want to look at.




Progression week – Extended Project

Week 1 – Extended Project

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